New Group: Creative Writing About Loss

At the beginning of lockdown, I recorded a creative writing workshop for the national charity 'Let's Talk About Loss'. The team run meet-up groups around the country for 18-35 year olds who have been bereaved, recognising that they needed something a bit different from stuffy self-help groups.

The workshop went down really well - and it seems that there is a need in the Let's Talk About Loss community for more writing opportunities like this. So founder Beth French asked if I would help to facilitate an online loss writing group - and, of course, I said yes.

The group is now up and running and, like the charity, is aimed at anybody aged 18 - 35 who has been bereaved. There is no requirement for it to be a certain family member (e.g. a parent) and no limit to how long ago the loss happened. Since losing my dad in 2018, I have been attending the Newcastle group and it's so lovely; think pub trips, long walks and bowling, not group therapy!

You can find out about Let's Talk About Loss here and you can join the 'Creative Writing About Loss' group here. I'm really excited about growing this group and developing myself as a leader/facilitator.

🚨 UPDATE: Since I wrote this post, amazing spoken word artist Debbie Oyewole has recorded a video for Let's Talk about Loss specifically around using spoken word to process grief. Check it out: