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Podcast: Recovery Talks

Recovery Talks is a podcast from the charity Changing Lives, all about recovery and how it's experienced across a broad spectrum of people.

In the summer of 2021, I was approached by members of the Recovery and Addiction Services team at the fantastic organisation Changing Lives - a national charity with its heart and head office based in the North East. They had been looking at launching a podcast and needed someone to help them bring the idea to life.

About Recovery Talks

Now in its fourth season, Recovery Talks is a podcast all about recovery - not simply from substance use, alcohol or other addictions but from trauma, poor mental health, homelessness, adverse childhood experiences, bereavement and anything else you can imagine. In each episode, one of the three hosts interviews somebody who works in the sector or has accessed recovery services, teasing out their all-important story and what they think could be done to better help people in recovery in our community. So many of those interviewed are in recovery themselves and have then gone on to work for Changing Lives or another similar organisation, which is fantastic because they can provide such an important insight.

Where can I listen?

Here is one of the podcast's most popular episodes which gives a good flavour of how the conversations can go:

If you like what you here, all of our episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify and Anchor FM and there's more than 30 hours of content to get stuck into! We always appreciate a review on Apple Podcasts if you've benefitted from listening to Recovery Talks, and if you would like to chat to the hosts, suggest future content or give any other feedback, you can email Andy Ryan, Head of Recovery and Addiction Services, via

A big thank you to everyone who has been interviewed for the podcast and to Andy, Sommer, Francis and everyone within the Changing Lives comms team who makes this possible!

(left: myself and Sommer interviewing staff at the Changing Lives staff celebration a couple of weeks ago)


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