Audio production

Since completing my MA in Radio Production and Management in 2015, I have worked on a number of audio projects. Most recently, these have been predominantly podcasts, as more and more people are coming round to the idea that a podcast could be a fantastic branding and communication tool for their business. 

Podcasting is a very democratic medium; you control the length and number of episodes, who is interviewed, how niche the subject matter, and how it is packaged. For companies, this presents a brilliant opportunity. Should you expect your customers to read a hefty blog post when they've been sitting at a desk all day? What if you could meet them where they are: in the car, on the train or at the gym, through a podcast instead?


Podcasting for brands

The most recent organisation I have worked with on a brand new podcast is the UK Top 100 law firm Ward Hadaway. Although our efforts have unfortunately been hampered by the Covid-19 outbreak, we have already been able to produce Episode 1 of 'Laying Down the Law', a podcast for HR directors and business owners, and hope to progress with the remaining episodes in the series as soon as possible:



The Ward Hadaway podcast is deliberately clean and simple, but other projects I have worked on required tighter editing and much higher production value - for example, the following mini documentary on supporting Sunderland Football Club:



And this five-episode podcast series created for blog and activism project Verbal Remedy:

Coming in 2020: 'Rumour Has It'

In June 2020 I received grants from Arts Council England and the Audio and Radio Emergency Fund, which I am using to create a three-episode podcast series called 'Rumour Has It', which attempts to find the truth in the rumours passed down through people's family trees. This work is inspired by my own family history journey as I researched and wrote my dad's memoir. 

You can now listen to episode 1 here and I hope to share episodes 2 and 3 very soon!

Get in touch below if you would like to learn more about what it would entail to produce a podcast for your business.

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